WordPress Adult Hosting

Adult web site owners have very different requirements for WordPress adult web hosting – beside base requirements for lots of server-side resources to run WordPress CMS smoothly, that include careful selection of high-powered AMD EPYC CPU’s, gigabytes of eight channel DDR4 memory and enterprise grade SSD storage – here is much more needed for success of any porn website that relay to WordPress. Starting from essential security and data protection – all Web750 WordPress hosting plans comes with daily malware scanning and daily backups – so, you have piece of mind when you going to use those WP Plug-ins and themes that known to be security risks at the times. We will keep eyes on your WP website and let you know if something is wrong and let you fix that with minimal negative impact. Unlimited flexibility and resources “on demand” – no matter how big you grow with your WordPress website – you can upgrade your WordPress adult hosting plans in matter of minutes, in just couple of clicks in our customer portal. If your site requires “special configuration” – including multiple dedicated servers’ setup for WordPress and/or global adult content delivery – we will do it for you, free of charge migration from your existing account and in most cases in just matter of day or two. You can grow your site worry-free – here will be no bottle necks with your growth and success. WP add-ons and plug-ins – we do support them all and many of those are available in just one click installation from our portal. SEO (Yoast), E-Commerce (WooCommerce), Paysite and Pay-per-View or Download as well as 1’000’s of free other Plugs-ins and Themes.

WordPress adult hosting includes

wordpress adult web hosting

100% Service Uptime

Powered by Cloud Hosting

wordpress adult website hosting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Anytime Money Back

wordpress adult site hosting

Live Support

24/7 Live Phone Customer

wordpress adult web site hosting

WordPress Adult Web Hosting

We’re offering variety of WordPress adult web site hosting plans – for beginners, who just plan to start and learn about WordPress CMS for their new adult web site or to experienced and establish adult website owners with plans that can serve millions of monthly visitors to their WP website. If you have very special requirements – like large WP web site hosting and/or global content delivery configuration needs for media files – please contact us for “custom” configurations – here is no problem to setup multiple dedicated servers with CDN for that perfect latency boost worldwide.

All adult web sites are permitted, provided all content complies with U.S. Law and the account holder is over the age of 18.

Plans: WordPress Basic WordPress Deluxe WordPress Ultimate
Basic Features      
Bandwidth (monthly) » Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space » 30 GB 75 GB Unlimited
Domains Hosted » 1 1 1
Subdomains » Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced Features      
WordPress Website visitors (per month) » 25,000 100,000 Unlimited
HTTP based web streaming » N/A X X
Daily WordPress Malware scanning » X X X
Website Backup protection with one-click restore » X X X
SEO Optimizer (Yoast) » - X X
Unlimited malware removal and hack repair » - - X
E-Commerce Features      
PCI compliant hosting » X X X
WP Shopping Carts » X X X
Dedicated SSL Certificate (256-bit encryption) » X X X
PayPal, Stripe and Amazon payments processing (non-adult) compatible » X X X
CCBILL, Epoch and Verotel payment processing (adult) compatible » X X X
Email Accounts      
Number of Email accounts » 1 100 1,000
Webmail (PC) & Webmail for PDA X X X
E-mail Forwarding » X X X
E-Mail Auto-Responder » X X X
Catch-all E-mail alias » X X X
E-Mail spam-filters » X X X
Sender ID (SPF) » X X X
Email privacy & protection w/ 256-Bit Encryption » X X X
Technology Support      
Server Side Includes (SSI) » X X X
ImageMagick » X X X
Choice of PHP 5.6 / PHP 7.3 or 7.4 / PHP 8.0 or 8.1 » X X X
Custom php.ini » X X X
Zend Engine » X X X
ionCube PHP Loader » X X X
PERL w/FastCGI (.cgi .pl .fcgi) » X X X
Python CGI » X X X
General Features      
Website Statistics » Included Included Included
Raw Access Logs » Included Included Included
Cronjobs » N/A Included Included
Filemanager » Included Included Included
Latest cPanel (tm) Control Panel » Included Included Included
FTP and FTP over SSL (FTPS) access » Included Included Included
Daily Data and DB Backup » Included Included Included
24/7 E-Mail Support » Included Included Included
24/7 Phone Support » Included Included Included
Guaranteed CPU/RAM and I/O resources » N/A Included Included
Cloud Linux OS » Included Included Included
Service Guarantee      
99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee » Included Included Included
100% Service Uptime Guarantee »(Cloud Hosting Technology) Included Included Included
Service Fees      
Monthly Fee (Pay Monthly) » $19.99/month $29.99/month $49.99/month