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Plesk Control Panel - managing your web hosting account from a mobile phone guide

In the evolving landscape of web hosting solutions, the Plesk Control Panel is a pivotal tool for website management. This widely used web hosting control panel allows users to manage servers, websites, and applications from a single intuitive platform.

Tailored to meet the needs of web professionals, Plesk facilitates a streamlined approach to running and managing your hosted websites and related services.

Its user-friendly GUI interface makes it accessible to novices and seasoned administrators, providing a centralized location to control all necessary features and tools to maintain a robust online presence.

Importance of Managing Your Website from a Mobile Phone

In today's fast-paced world, having the flexibility to manage your website on the go is not just a luxury but a necessity. Utilizing Plesk's mobile solutions affords users the convenience and efficiency to manage their web hosting account from anywhere, anytime, leveraging the power of mobility.

It means that no matter where you are, you can monitor your website's status, manage security settings, and even conduct urgent interventions in real-time, all from the palm of your hand.

It puts the control and maintenance of your website literally at your fingertips, ensuring that you can respond swiftly to any requirements or issues, thus maintaining a seamless and uninterrupted online operation.

By embracing mobile management through the Plesk Control Panel, you pave the way for a dynamic and responsive web management experience.

Setting up Your Account in the Plesk Control Panel

Creating an Account with Plesk

Before diving into the sea of functionalities that Plesk offers, the first step is creating an account with Plesk. Generally, this involves visiting the official Plesk website and opting for a suitable subscription plan.

Following the selection, you will be prompted to provide details such as your name, email address, and payment information. Once these details are furnished and your account is set up, you gain the gateway to many features to facilitate smooth web hosting experiences.

Installing the Plesk Mobile Application

Taking the ease of use a higher, Plesk offers dedicated mobile applications compatible with various operating systems, including iOS and Android. To install the Plesk Mobile application:

Head to your mobile device's app store – Apple AppStore for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

Use the search bar to find the "Plesk Mobile" app and proceed to install it on your device.

Upon successful installation, open the app and log in using your Plesk account credentials to unlock the mobile management of your web hosting account.

The app promises a user-friendly interface, adapted to the smaller screen sizes, providing substantial control over your web hosting environment even while moving.

Setting Up Your Domain in the Plesk Control Panel

With your account active and the mobile application in place, setting up your domain in the Plesk Control Panel is the next crucial step. Launch the Plesk Mobile app and navigate to the 'Domains' section.

Here, you will find options to add and manage your domains. Adding a new domain typically requires specifying the domain name and assigning it to a service plan.

Following this, you may have to configure DNS settings and other related aspects to ensure your domain is set up correctly and is ready to host your website.

The app guides you through each stage with prompts, making the setup process reasonably straightforward, even for beginners. Once the domain setup is complete, you are set to start building your website and utilizing Plesk's robust features.

Navigating the Plesk Control Panel on Mobile

Overview of the Plesk Control Panel Interface on Mobile

As you step into the mobile environment of the Plesk Control Panel, you’ll notice a well-structured and simplified layout optimized for mobile devices.

The design is intuitive, allowing users to adapt to the functionalities presented quickly.

From monitoring the health of your server to instant notifications about your hosting environment, the Plesk mobile interface ensures that you have everything you need to manage your website efficiently from your smartphone.

Exploring the Main Menu and Understanding Different Sections

Once logged in, the heart of your operations is the main menu, a navigational hub to all the Plesk functionalities. Let's delve into the primary sections available:

Dashboard: Here, you can get an overview of your server’s status, including health metrics and active subscriptions.

Websites & Domains: This section provides the tools you need to manage your websites and domains, allowing for operations like adding new domains, managing DNS settings, and accessing file management tools.

Email: Facilitating email account management, offering tools to create new email accounts, setting spam filters, and managing email settings.

Databases: Catering to database management needs, here you can create new databases, manage existing ones, and access database management tools.

Statistics: A place where you can monitor your resource usage, keeping a close eye on the performance of your websites.

Each section is designed to offer specific functionalities, serving as a one-stop destination for different aspects of your web hosting management.

Tips for Effectively Navigating the Plesk Control Panel on a Smaller Screen

Navigating the control panel on a smaller screen can initially seem challenging; however, the mobile-optimized interface of the Plesk control panel comes to your rescue. Here are some tips to effectively navigate the control panel:

Utilize the Search Function: Quickly find what you are looking for using the built-in search function, which can significantly speed up your tasks.

Familiarize with Iconography: Understanding the icons used in the mobile interface will help you quickly identify different functionalities and tools.

Customize Your Dashboard: Personalize your dashboard to quickly access the features you use most frequently, saving time.

Make Use of Swipe Gestures: Learn and use swipe gestures to quickly navigate different sections and functionalities.

Bookmark Frequently Used Sections: Bookmarking allows quick access to frequently used sections, helping in swift navigation.

By acquainting yourself with the mobile interface and using these tips, you can ensure a smooth and efficient mobile management experience with the Plesk Control Panel.

Domain and Hosting Management in Plesk control panel on the Mobile

Adding and Managing Domains

Once you're comfortable navigating the Plesk control panel, it’s time to delve into adding and managing domains. In the "Websites & Domains" section, you will find options to add a new domain effortlessly.

Follow the steps to input the necessary details, such as domain name, IP address, and FTP settings.

In addition, managing domains is as simple as tapping on your chosen domain to access various options, including configuring hosting settings, setting up domain aliases, or even managing your website's files directly.

Setting Up Email Accounts

Creating and managing email accounts is another essential feature of the Plesk Control Panel. To set up an email account, navigate to the 'Email' section from the main menu.

You can create new email addresses associated with your domain, set up forwarding rules, and define spam filter settings. With Plesk, managing your email accounts is intuitive, with options to change passwords, define quotas, and even set up auto-replies straight from your mobile device.

Managing DNS Settings

Domain Name System (DNS) settings are pivotal in determining how your domain interacts with the internet. The 'DNS Settings' option in the respective domain's settings allows you to manage DNS records like A, CNAME, MX, etc.

While managing DNS settings can be complex, Plesk simplifies the process by offering predefined templates and detailed guidance to assist even beginners in accurately setting up the DNS settings.

File Management through Mobile

With the Plesk mobile application, file management becomes a breeze. You can access, upload, and manage your website files from anywhere.

The File Manager tool is a centralized hub where you can organize your files in folders, edit file permissions, and view file contents without needing FTP clients. That offers unprecedented ease in managing your website content dynamically and in real-time.

Understanding and Managing Databases

Databases are the backbone of any website, storing all the essential data. Plesk provides robust database management tools accessible via the 'Databases' section in the main menu.

Here, you can create new databases, assign users, manage database user permissions, and even import or export databases to facilitate backups or migrations. For users familiar with SQL, there’s an option to run SQL queries directly, providing a powerful tool to manage your database intricately.

By leveraging the functionalities provided in the Plesk Control Panel, domain and hosting management from your mobile device becomes possible but is simplified, efficient, and effective.

Security Measures and Settings in Plesk Control Panel on the Mobile

Setting up Security Measures through Plesk on Mobile

Security stands as a cornerstone in maintaining a reliable and trustworthy online presence. Plesk facilitates an array of security features directly accessible from your mobile device.

Within the Plesk mobile app, users can quickly set up security measures such as deploying fail2ban, a service enhancing server security, and configuring spam protection to safeguard their email services.

Furthermore, you can also set password-protected directories to restrict unauthorized access, ensuring that your sensitive data remains secure.

Managing SSL Certificates

Securing your website with SSL certificates is vital in establishing a secure connection between your server and the user's browser. Plesk provides an intuitive platform to manage SSL/TLS certificates with ease.

From the mobile app, navigate to the ‘SSL/TLS Certificates’ section under the desired domain to install new certificates, renew existing ones, or even enforce HTTPS to enhance website security.

It promotes the utilization of free certificates from Let’s Encrypt, assisting in keeping the security robust without incurring additional costs.

Conducting Regular Backups

Regular backups are a safety net for your website, safeguarding your data from unexpected mishaps. The Plesk mobile app offers straightforward solutions to set up automatic backups according to your preferred daily, weekly, or monthly frequency.

Additionally, you can perform manual backups before making significant changes to your website, ensuring you have a stable version to revert to in case of errors. The backup manager also allows for easy restoration of your backups, making data management convenient.

Setting up Firewalls and Understanding IP Blocking

A well-configured firewall acts as a robust shield, protecting your server from unwanted intrusions. Through the Plesk mobile app, you can configure your server’s firewall rules to control the traffic to your server, adding a layer of security.

Additionally, IP blocking features allow you to block malicious IP addresses that threaten your server. Understanding and utilizing IP blocking effectively can help protect your website from hacking attacks and unauthorized access attempts.

Plesk empowers users to effortlessly maintain a secure and resilient web environment from their mobile devices.

Managing WordPress through Plesk on Mobile

Overview of WordPress Toolkit in Plesk

The WordPress Toolkit in Plesk is a comprehensive solution that facilitates the streamlined management of WordPress websites. Accessible via the Plesk mobile application, it is designed to offer an array of tools and features that help efficiently set up, customize, and manage WordPress installations.

Whether you are a WordPress novice or a seasoned developer, the toolkit provides functionalities ranging from one-click installations to advanced debugging options, making WordPress management a hassle-free experience.

Installing and Managing WordPress Plugins and Themes

Plugins and themes form the bedrock of WordPress customization, enhancing functionality and appearance. Users can easily install, activate, deactivate, or remove plugins and themes with just a few taps on their mobile screens through the WordPress Toolkit.

The toolkit gives you an overview of all the available and active plugins and themes, enabling a seamless management experience. Moreover, it allows you to update them all to the latest available versions to ensure compatibility and security, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Creating and Managing WordPress Instances

Creating a WordPress instance means setting up a new WordPress website. Users can easily create new instances Within the WordPress Toolkit, configuring necessary settings in a guided step-by-step process.

Managing existing instances is equally straightforward, offering options to clone your website for testing purposes or to stage developments before going live. The toolkit provides a centralized management hub for all your WordPress instances, streamlining the management process and saving you valuable time and effort.

Tips for Maintaining WordPress Security through Plesk

Maintaining a secure WordPress environment is critical in safeguarding your website from vulnerabilities. The WordPress Toolkit in Plesk offers a suite of security features and tools designed to protect your website:

Security Checks: Run regular security checks to identify and fix potential security issues.

Automated Updates: Enable automated updates to ensure your WordPress core app, plugins, and themes are always up-to-date.

Password Protection: Utilize strong passwords and change them periodically to protect against unauthorized access.

Backup Regularly: Use Plesk’s backup solutions to create regular backups of your WordPress site, preventing data loss in case of a security breach.

By adhering to these practices and leveraging the features available in the WordPress Toolkit, you can foster a secure and robust WordPress environment, managing your website’s security proficiently from your mobile device.

Utilizing Additional Plesk control panel features from the Mobile.

Overview of Extensions Available in Plesk

The Plesk control panel goes beyond essential website management, offering many extensions to enhance your website’s functionality and performance.

These extensions range from security enhancements like antivirus protection to performance optimizers and CMS management tools. You can explore and install these extensions through the ‘Extensions’ menu in the Plesk mobile application, allowing you to customize your control panel environment to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Setting up and Managing Email Marketing through Plesk

Email marketing stands as a vital pillar in the digital marketing landscape. Plesk facilitates seamless email marketing setups through integrations with popular email e-marketing platforms, allowing you to manage your campaigns directly from the Plesk control panel.

You can create mailing lists, design email templates, and monitor your email marketing performance, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Furthermore, Plesk offers spam protection features, ensuring your marketing emails maintain a reputable status and reach your target audience effectively.

Utilizing SEO Tools in Plesk

To boost your website's visibility on search engines, Plesk offers integrations with SEO tools that can help optimize your website for search engines. These tools provide actionable insights into your website’s SEO performance, offering suggestions to improve your rankings.

To boost your website's visibility on search engines, Plesk offers integrations with SEO tools that can help optimize your website for search engines. These tools provide actionable insights into your website’s SEO performance, offering suggestions to improve your rankings.

Connecting to External Services (e.g., Git, Docker)

For developers and advanced users, Plesk offers connectivity with external services such as Git and Docker, providing a more flexible and robust hosting environment.

Git: Integrate with Git repositories to manage your website’s version control effectively, allowing you to track changes and collaborate with other developers seamlessly.

Docker: Utilize Docker to manage and deploy containerized applications, facilitating an environment where you can run applications reliably and consistently across various platforms.

Connecting to these external services enables a more streamlined workflow, catering to developers looking to maintain a robust development environment and businesses aiming to leverage advanced functionalities for their websites.

Troubleshooting Common Issues in the Plesk control panel on the Mobile

Addressing Common Errors and Issues

In managing your hosting account through Plesk on a mobile device, you might encounter common issues such as error messages during installation, database connection errors, or sending or receiving emails.

Plesk offers a range of diagnostic tools to help identify and rectify these problems. Leveraging the error logs can provide detailed insights into the issues, guiding you to potential solutions. It is encouraged to keep your Plesk and associated software updated to the latest versions to avoid common bugs and errors.

Accessing and Utilizing Plesk Help and Support

For moments when you find yourself stuck, Plesk provides robust help and support services. Within the Plesk mobile application, you'll see a help section that houses a vast repository of articles and guides catering to various topics ranging from basic setup instructions to advanced troubleshooting guides.

You can also reach out to the Plesk support team through the support channel provided in the app, ensuring that professional help is always within reach.

Community Forums and Resources for Problem-solving

Apart from the official support channels, the Plesk community is a vibrant space where users share knowledge and solutions worldwide. Community forums and discussion groups can be a treasure trove of information where you can find real-world advice from people who have encountered similar issues and overcome them.

Moreover, platforms like GitHub may host community-driven projects and scripts to help customize and enhance your Plesk experience. Leveraging these community resources can provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to your problems.


Navigating and managing your hosting account from your mobile device using the Plesk Control Panel has never been more straightforward.

From setting up your account to utilizing advanced features, Plesk equips you with the tools necessary for efficient website management on the go.

Leveraging its intuitive interface and robust security measures, you can oversee your WordPress site, enhance your SEO strategy, and even troubleshoot common issues seamlessly.

Engage with the Plesk mobile application to bring ease and convenience into your web hosting experience, fostering a secure and optimized digital presence from anywhere, at any time.

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