Adult PaySite Hosting

Paysites often present unique hosting challenges. Web750 can handle all the technical details of load-balancing servers, arranging cloud based CDN solutions or providing knowledgeable support for the rapidly changing ways that content is now being distributed to consumers by many top brands. Our vast experience in Adult Industry specifically gives our clients a competitive advantage because we understand the ‘adapt or die’ mindset every bit as well as your company does.

Work with Web750, where adult content is always welcome and where you have immediate access to live phone support based in the U.S. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

adult paysite hosting

All of the hardware, technical know-how, experience and trustworthy personnel needed to handle the backend aspects of your paysite are right here at Web750, ready to push your paysite to its true potential.

adult payment processing solutions

Monetizing your adult paysite properly requires connections to billing processors who provide the lowest rates on high-risk transaction. Web750 has worked with nearly every reputable billing solution and can help you with all the arrangements from setting up a third party biller to getting your own MIDs and implementing x-sells, upsells, one clicks, cascades or any other aspect of your sales funnel. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your paysite payment processing and to learn what we can do to earn even more money for you.

Web Hosting Pay Site
  Web750 IPSP Partner CCBILL Epoch/PayCom
Accepted payment methods
(on your website)
Credit and Debit Cards
(VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Discover / Dinners), Regional cards, Online Checks (US/EU), Payments by Phone and SMS
Credit and Debit Cards
(VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Discover / Dinners), Regional cards, Online Checks (US/EU), Payments by Phone and SMS
Credit and Debit Cards
(VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Discover / Dinners), Regional cards, Online Checks (US/EU), Payments by Phone and SMS
Payment processing fee 4.75% to 15.5% 10.8% to 14.5% 13% to 15%
Merchants (Siteowners) Accepted Worldwide USA and selected
Euro Union countries
USA and selected
Euro Union countries
Anti Fraud system with Verifed by VISA and MasterCard 3D
Network Connection
Included Included Included
Turnkey Affiliate Program
(w/Software and Online Portal)
Included Included Included
VISA/MC registration and
annual comliance fee
EURO 500 1st year, second year - WAIVED if you sell for over EURO 100/week $1,250 1st year (VISA $750 + MC $500) and $1,000/year from 2nd year (no waivers) $1,250 1st year (VISA $750 + MC $500) and $1,000/year from 2nd year (no waivers)
Chargeback Fee $0 $0 $0
Monthly Fee $0 $0 $0
Pay-out options
(from IPSP to merchant)
ACH/Direct US Bank Deposit (Free), US or International Wire Transfer (Fee), US or International Check (Free) US or Europe Bank
Wire Transfer (Fee)
or Check (Free)
US or Europe Bank
Wire Transfer (Fee)
or Check (Free)
Paysite Hosting

pay site shield

Protect your paysite with special security software that prevents abusive members, password traders, hackers and bandwidth thieves. By safeguarding your Members Area with Pay Site Shield you actually collect more of the money you earn. This feature alone can save you a lot of money and resources. Best of all it’s yours for free as a paysite hosting customer of web750! Why pay $49.95 per month for some other password throttle software when you can get it all included and pay absolutely nothing!

Pay Site Adult Web Hosting


Web750 is an adult company, owned and operated by a team with many years of experience in all aspects of the online marketing. We want you to succeed; because the better you do… the longer you’ll want to be a web750 client. Ask us anything and we can either find you the answer or help you get in touch with experts who can assist you even further for free!

Adult Pay Site Hosting

SITE review service

Want a fresh set of eyes to go over your paysite and find ways to improve it? The web750 team can tear apart your tour code, look through all your source files, improve load times, enhance design elements, update tired tours and so much more. Just contact us any time and let us help you do even better with your paysite network as a web750 adult hosting customer. It’s absolutely free for us to audit your site and give you the benefit of all our insights.

Package Pay Site Adult Web Hosting
Hosting Type VPS (Virtual Private Server) or DS (Dedicated Server)
Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth (100 Mbps on VPS Plans to 200-1,000 Mbps with your own sever Dedicated Server)
Disk Space 100 GB to 8,000 GB
Multiple Domains Hosted Unlimited
3rd party payment processor support
(CCBILL, PayCom and etc) - self install
Payment Processing Account for Pay Site
w/ Installation (setup by Web750)
Pay Site Shield (tm) service Included
Anti-Hotlinking $0
BONUS Marketing Credit
(Yahoo/BING and Facebook)
Web 2.0 Applications Support Included
Daily Data and Database Backup Included
24 x 7 Live Phone Support Included
(English and Spanish) Included
NEW CloudFlare PRO (tm) ($20/month value) Included
Assisted Setup Fee FREE (For limited time only) FREE (For limited time only)
Monthly Fee From $99/month

Hosting with payment processing for Adult Websites

general features

  • Dual Intel Xeon Octo Core servers with 1,024 GB of RAM and RAID 10 (SSD/SAS) storage for maximum performance and data protection (VPS Node)
  • CLOUD Linux based servers using latest build of Apache Webserver
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Bandwidth and disk space upgrade capabilities (on demand, anytime)
  • 3 Dedicated IP's - for SSL, SEO or your applications like a WebCam or Streaming/Encoding
  • Unlimited Domains Hosted or Parked
  • Unlimited Subdomains Hosted or Parked
  • Unlimited Email Accounts, Aliases, Forwarders and Responders
  • Catch-all email and Email Spam Filter
  • Anti-Hotlinking protection
  • Detailed graphical web and bandwidth statistic
  • Access to Raw logs (access.log/error.log)
  • Password protected directory support
  • Custom Apache Error Pages (403, 404 and etc)
  • Daily Data and DB Backup
  • Business and Marketing consulting by professional adult web masters
  • 24/7 Live Phone Web Hosting Support (English and Spanish)
  • 24/7 Email Consulting and Customer Service
  • 24/7 Unlimited FTP & Account access
  • 24/7 Network and Server monitoring
  • 28,000 Gbps global network backbone (upgraded)
  • Selected mix of Premium Network carriers
  • Choice of USA, European or Asian server location
  • New - We now accept digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as manual payment option for Web750 hosting and servers. Please Contact Us to make payment arrangement with cryptocurrency.


  • PHP 5 or PHP 7 or PHP 8 with GD 2, Zend , IonCube and cURL (and other modules or custom php.ini settings per request)
  • PERL 5.10.x (latest, stable) + any custom modules per request
  • Private CGI-BIN directory with FastCGI (.cgi, .pl and .fcgi support)
  • ImageMagick (latest, stable) + any additional modules
  • FFmpeg (latest, stable) and FLVtool
  • Unlimited MySQL databases w/PhpMyAdmin (version 5.x stable)
  • Unlimited PostgreSQL databases (version 8.x stable)
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • SSI (Server Side Includes)
  • Java Scripts / Java Applets (Tomcat 5 Server)
  • MS Front Page / Macromedia Dreamweaver compatible
  • Real Media & MS Windows Media HTTP Streaming
  • Support of Media Streaming Applications such as Wowza, Red5 (OS Flash), Adobe Flash Server, Darwin, Helix, Quicktime and others
  • Support for modern scripts and Web 2.0 applications - including Content Management Systems (CMS), Tube, E-commerce / Shopping Cart, Blog, Social Network, Forum/BBS, Gallery and Affilliate Programs
  • Over 200 most popular One-Click Install scripts (such as Word Press, Gallery and PhpBB) available thru Control Panel Shopping Cart (OS Commerce / ZenCart / X-Cart) and SSL ready

service guarantee

  • 100% Network Uptime (0 Downtime Network)
  • 100% Datacenter Power Uptime
  • 99.9% Server Uptime
  • Overages Protection - never pay overage fees again.
  • Each account include Overage Protection at no extra cost

ready to order?

Please read through these FAQ and then follow the 3 setup steps

  • Question: What is included with Web750 Pay Site Hosting solutions?

    Pay Site Hosting solution (VPS or Dedicated Server), Help with obtaining Payment Processing account and it's installation on your Pay Site, Pay Site protection software (monitor and block abusive members in real time) and Pay Site Support/Consulting

  • Question: How much your service cost? Where I can get full pricing details?

    Here are 2 type of fees involved in operating your own Pay Site at Web750 - Pay Site Hosting Fee (Monthly) from $79.95/month AND Payment Processing Fee 4.75% to 15.5% (based on your sales volume and processing history/chargebacks) and EURO 500 One time setup fee

  • Do you offer Web design software or "Web Site Builder" tools?

    No, we do not offer such software or tools as part of our service. If you need a recommendation for web design software and professional web designer – you can send request for advice to

  • Question: Do you offer or sell content for Pay Site (images, videos, audio and text)?

    We do not offer or provide any content – our customers usually produce content by themselves or purchase it from content brokers.

  • Do you offer or support Web Cam or Video-on-Demand (VOD) solutions as part of your Pay Site Hosting packages?

    We do not offer Web Cam or VOD solutions as part of our Pay Site Hosting solutions. However, Web Cam and/or VOD applications can be purchased separately from software vendors and we can install them for you (as Hosting “Add-on”) at your Pay Site Hosting account (installation fees applies).

  • What type content is acceptable to be hosted with Web750? What type of content is NOT acceptable to be hosted with Web750?

    Any legal adult content allowed by current US Law is acceptable to be hosted with Web750. We cannot host anything illegal, nor provide payment processing solutions for anything illegal.

  • Should I design / develop my Pay Site first, before signup for your Pay Site Hosting OR should I signup now and develop my Pay Site on "Live Pay Site"?

    It’s really totally up to you, but if you have a lot of content (like a media files) – it’s can be a good idea to setup Pay Site Hosting right away, password-protect your site from public access from Internet and develop it on “Live” domain (without worry that somebody can see your site during development or have access to your content) – this way you save a lot of time at publishing and testing stage of your development.

setup step 1

Order Web750 Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server (DS) with the package of your choice and requirements for bandwidth and disk space / CentOS operational system and the following add-ons:

  • Linux OS based VPS or Dedicated server with "Managed" option (default)
IMPORTANT - please avoid using free/anonymous email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and others) during signup and provide valid phone number (we will call to verify your order) - otherwise your order will be rejected or delayed for additional verification. Also, you will need to provide Goverment issued photo ID (copy of Passport or Drivers License) as part of payment processing account application - if you cannot do so for whatever reason, please do not signup for our services.
If your Pay Site requires from 100 to 400 GB of SSD disk space and Unmetered Bandwidth (No overages) - Order Dedicated Hosting (VPS) Order Dedicated Hosting (VPS) here
If your Pay Site requires from 1,000 to 8,000GB of disk space and Unmetered Bandwidth (No overages) - Order Linux Dedicated Server (DS) Order Dedicated Server (DS) here

setup step 2

Setup and Upload

  • Forward us your new account information by email to we will setup Pay Site Hosting for you
  • Once your server is ready – upload your web site files with information we will provide you

setup step 3

review and activate

  • When you finished publishing your site files to your VPS – let us know, we will review it for you
  • Soon as your site is ready – we will submit Payment Processing Account application on your behalf and will install Pay Site protection tools to your Pay Site
  • You're all set – you can start marketing your site now. It's open for business.
need more info? contact us today!